Our research work includes projects that we have initiated ourselves, research that we have been specifically commissioned to undertake and other work that we have competed for under a tendering process. The following reports are listed by title. They represent some of our work which has been published. ICR also carries out discrete and sensitive research in confidence to inform and support the development of policy and practice. Some of this material is not within the public domain.

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Conflict & Violence

Equality & Diversity

Hate Crime

Legacy of the Conflict

  • Living Well Together, Beyond 2016 (a pre-conference report) (2016):The Irish association commissioned ICR to provide a pre-conference, Pre-Brexit report to inform discussions at their 2016 annual conference. It considered how both jurisdictions can and are living well together. As well as assessing how social, cultural and economic relationships are impacted by shared and divided identities.
    For God, Ulster or Ireland? Religion, Identity and Security in Northern Ireland (2013): The research evaluated the dynamics and role of religion on perceptions of identity, views of the ‘Other’ community and the impact if any on attitudes to security in both a Northern Irish and broader international context.
  • The Troubles Aren’t History Yet (2010): Research which explored young people’s understanding and knowledge of the past.
  • Responses to Radicalisation (2008): Further dialogue in Bradford on similarities and differences between the responses to violence in Northern Ireland and recent violence in England.
  • Criminalising Radicalisation (2007): Documenting a dialogue in Belfast on similarities and differences between the responses to radicalisation within Northern Ireland and the Muslim population of England.
  • The Impact of the Border and the Conflict on Women (2007): An overview of health issues associated with the conflict and the border on women in the north west of Ireland.
  • Health and Social Care Needs of Victims & Survivors (2003): A review of the particular needs of victims and survivors of the conflict in Northern Ireland.(This report is not currently availble to the public).
  • Human Rights and Conflict Intervention (2002): A dialogue between the human rights and community relations constituencies exploring different approaches to dealing with conflict.
  • Caring through the Troubles (2002): A study of the impact of the conflict on health service staff and health service provision.
  • The Human Impact of the Troubles on Housing Provision (2002): A review of the impact of the conflict on the work of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.
  • The Cost of the Troubles Study. Report on the Northern Ireland Survey (1999):A study which looked at the impact of the Troubles.


  • Forced Labour in Northern Ireland (2011): This study explored evidence of forced labour among new migrants to Northern Ireland in a range of employment sectors.
  • The Health and Social Needs of Settled and Migrant Ethnic Groups and their Families in the Western Health Board Area (2009): Research funded by the Western Health Action Zone. (This report is not currently availble to the public).
  • The Nature and Extent of Human Trafficking in Northern Ireland (2008-2009): A baseline study exploring the scale of the problem of human trafficking.
  • Experiences of Migrant Workers in Northern Ireland (2008-2009): A major review of the experiences of new migrants.
  • New Migration, Equality and Integration. Issues and Challenges for Northern Ireland (2009): A strategic overview of key issues for policy and practice.
  • Employment Agencies and Migrant Workers (2008): An extended review of literature and legislation into the practices of employment agencies and employment businesses offering their services to migrant workers in Northern Ireland.
  • New Migrant Communities and Belfast (2007): An overview of demographic trends and social factors relating to new patterns of migration to the city.
  • New Migrants and Belfast (2007): Summary evidence presented to the House of Lords Economic Committee Enquiry into the Economic Impact of Migration to the UK.
  • Rhythms and Realities of Everyday Life (2007): A study of the impact of new migration in Dungannon, part of a wider UK-wide research project.
  • New Migrant Communities in East Tyrone (2005): A review of the attitudes of staff and students at East Tyrone College towards the migrant population in the area. (This report is not currently availble to the public).
  • Migrant Workers in Northern Ireland (2004): A baseline study of new patterns of migration and issues affecting recently arrived migrants.


Sectarianism & Segregation

  • Community Dialogue Tool Lurgan Town Project(2013): The project identifies and addresses perceptions and experiences of sectarianism, segregation and community cohesion amongst young people in and from Lurgan.
  • A Model of Consultation? Transformation and Regeneration at the Interface(2013): A report which explores how community engagement can be furthered in interface areas.
  • The CitySide Initiative (2011): A project which documented the peacebuilding work on Duncairn Gardens.
  • Beyond Belfast (2010): A report commissioned by the Community Relations Council (CRC) and Rural Community Network (RCN) which explored the physical legacy of of segregation and division in towns, villages, rural communities and the border areas beyond Belfast.
  • Towards Sustainable Security (2008): A strategic overview of data, statistics and opinion on interface and other security barriers in Belfast.
  • Segregated Lives (2008): A study of the ways and means that patterns of segregation and sectarianism are sustained through routine daily practices.
  • Fears, Constraints and Opportunities (2008): A study of attitudes towards increasing the development of shared residential areas in Belfast. (This report is not currently available to the public).
  • Sectarianism, Racism and Irish League Football (2007): A baseline review of the scale of sectarianism and racism and associated problems in local league football.
  • Mapping Interface Barriers (2005): An annotated and photographic record of each of the government constructed ‘peacelines’ in Belfast.
  • Shared Living, Mixed Residential Communities in Northern Ireland (2006): An in-depth study of quality of life issues and social relationships in three non-segregated residential communities.
  • Community Relations Council Research (2004): Four separate, but parallel pieces of research examining the levels of sectarianism in Antrim, Armagh, Larne and Limavady Council areas. (These reports are not currently available to the public).
  • Demography, Development and Disorder (2004): A review of changing social and demographic patterns in interface areas and the emergence of new interfaces.

Young People

  • Beyond the Margins. Building Trust in Policing with Young People (2010): Research which looked at young people’s views and experiences of policing in Northern Ireland.
  • Effective Counselling Provision (2008): An overview evaluation of the provision of independent counselling and support for young people. (This report is not currently available to the public).
  • Traveller Education (2007): A study exploring the adequacy and effectiveness of education provision for Traveller children and young people.
  • Youth Participation in the Democratic Process (2006): An exploration of the attitudes of young people in Northern Ireland towards the democratic process, including electoral registration and voting at elections.
  • Young People’s Attitudes and Experiences of Violence and Community Safety in North Belfast (2005): A large scale survey of the attitudes and experiences of young people towards violence and disorder.
  • Young People and Armed Violence in Northern Ireland (2005): Research which looked at young people and children’s involvement in organised armed violence across four continents and ten countries.
  • Young People and Social Disorder (2005): A mixed qualitative and quantitative study of the impact of violence on the lives of young people in the Northern Health Board region. (This report is not currently available to the public).
  • Troubled Youth? Youth Alienation and Communal Disorder (2005): Field research in a number of sites in Derry Londonderry and Belfast on young people’s experiences of violence.
  • Impact of Political Conflict on Children (2004): A study of the legacy of violent conflict on the lives of children.
  • Policing Accountability and Young People (2003): A review of the experiences and attitudes of young people towards the new policing structures and arrangements.
  • Out of Sight (2004): An analysis of the impact on young people of being forced to leave their home environment due to paramilitary threat and the current provision of services and support. (This report is not currently available to the public).