The Institute for Conflict Research is an independent, not for profit organisation that has been based in Belfast since 1996. ICR specialises in research, training, mediation and capacity building for a shared and safe society through conflict transformation and social inclusion.

The Art of Conflict Transformation

We endeavour to ensure all of our programmes connect to the over arching theme of the Art of Conflict Transformation. This enables us to use site visits, workshops, artistic and cultural engagements to consider a range of issues relating to our research, training and community development work and draw on a range of mediums to do so.


ICR’s research work is based on an academic rigour, but is primarily focused on influencing policy and practice. Our work includes projects that we have initiated ourselves, research that we have been specifically commissioned to undertake, and work that we compete for under a tendering process.


ICR works with community groups, statutory service providers and local government to create and deliver training and community development programmes designed specifically to address the individual needs of local organisations and those from overseas interested in the Northern Ireland conflict transformation process.

Community Development

ICR builds community throughout Northern Ireland and beyond in a multitude of ways, including peace building initiatives, training, education and capacity building, promoting gender equality, inter-cultural events and supporting communities to transition beyond conflict.


ICR work to promote and support good relations, diversity and respect. We provide mediation services to help address tension in and between communities around issues such as flags, murals, memorials and around issues of racism, sectarianism and associated with the continued presence of paramilitary organisations.

International Work

ICR is also involved in a variety of forms of research, training and advisory work outside of Northern Ireland. We currently have a number of projects with international partners in development with other work ongoing.

ICR works with and for central and local government, statutory agencies and the community and voluntary sector across Northern Ireland. ICR also works internationally on a consultative basis or in partnerships to advocate and promote good practice in policy and delivery.  Our networks within hard-to-reach groups and long-standing connections with a range of communities, means we are frequently sub-commissioned by academic institutions to provide on-the-ground research for their research projects.

Some of the projects that ICR is currently working on include:

Peace IV Projects

Next Generation Research Programme

Cultural Issues and Gender-Based Violence Training Programme

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime and Discrimination in Belfast City

Belfast Mobility Project

Brexit and eYou

Titanic Belfast-Outreach Project