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This website contains information as follows:

  • How might Brexit affect me?: These case studies are based on people’s experience and illustrate some of their concerns about the potential impact of Brexit on their economic and social rights. The case studies address a range of issues such as: residency, right to free education, pension entitlement, access to health care, child benefit, and social security, among others. They raise questions for EU/EEA nationals and their representatives which must be addressed in the Brexit negotiations and final political settlement.
  • Information on economic and social rights currently enjoyed by EU/EEA citizens in Northern Ireland
  • Sources of advice including links to the Migrant Centre NI; STEP; the Law Society of Northern Ireland and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) which regulates immigration advisers in the UK.
  • Sources of further information;  including links to the Law Centre NI and the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA)
  • Links to the wide range of individual UK and Irish politicians and governmental bodies currently working on Brexit issues who represent NI constituents or are involved in the Brexit negotiations.

Case Studies

(to follow)

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Only solicitors and organisations which are accredited with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) can legally give immigration advice.

Migrant Centre NI

The Migrant Centre NI’s (MCNI) overall aim is to tackle racism and eliminate barriers against new and settled migrant communities in Northern Ireland.

MCNI employs two bilingual support workers who provide advice and advocacy in relation to financial health and wellbeing, and supporting victims of racist hate crimes and incidents. If you need help or support email liz@migrantcentreni.org or radovan@migrantcentreni.org.

Contacting MCNI:

Registered Office: Unit 3, CIDO Business Complex, Charles Street, Lurgan BT66 6HG.

Northwest Office: The Old Church Clarendon Street Derry BT48 7ES (UNISON Offices).

For assistance in the greater Belfast area and south of NI, telephone: 07827299347

For assistance in the North West, telephone: 07827297119

Email: bilingualsupportworker@migrantcentreni.org

South Tyrone Empowerment Project (S.T.E.P.)

S.T.E.P’s Law and Migrant Rights Centre provides a free professional legal advice and information in the areas of immigration, employment, social security, housing and education.

Appointments are necessary to attend the Law and Migrant Rights Centre. Free language support is available. To make an appointment at the centre, contact reception on 028 87752011

Contacting S.T.E.P.:

South Tyrone Empowerment Programme
The Junction
12 Beechvalley Way
Dungannon, Co Tyrone
BT70 1BS

Tel: 028 8775 0211
Email: info@stepni.org


For further information, visit: http://www.stepni.org/migrant-project-overview.asp

Other Sources Of Advice

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is a statutory non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Home Office. It regulates immigration advisers in the UK, ensuring they meet its standards, are fit and competent and act in the best interest of their clients. OISC maintains a register of regulated immigration advisers. To find an adviser in your area, visit:

http://home.oisc.gov.uk/adviser_finder/finder.aspx. Check if the adviser charges a fee.


Law Society of Northern Ireland

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has a directory of solicitors. To find a solicitor offering immigration advice in your area, go to https://www.lawsoc-ni.org/solicitors.

Choose ‘immigration’ in the ‘select a category box’ and your town in the ‘select a location box. Check with the solicitor what fee they will charge you.


Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association

The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) is a professional association the majority of whose members are barristers, solicitors and advocates practising in all aspects of immigration, asylum and nationality law. Based in London, ILPA does NOT give immigration advice on individual cases.

It has a directory of Northern Ireland members. You can search the names of ILPA members who have chosen to be listed and get in touch with them.  Visit http://www.ilpa.org.uk/pages/find-immigration-advice.html to find an ILPA member in Northern Ireland. [NOTE that although the Law Centre NI is listed here, since April 2015 it only provides immigration advice to child victims of trafficking, see below.]

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Law Centre (NI)

The Law Centre (NI) is a not-for-profit agency working to advance social welfare rights and social justice in Northern Ireland. The Law Centre is a referral organisation and normally only deals with advice queries from Law Centre member organisations.

It provides specialist legal support to organisations and disadvantaged individuals in the areas of:

  • social security
  • immigration and trafficking (please see note below re immigration service*)
  • employment and forced labour
  • health and social care (particularly long-term care in the community, residential care, carers’ rights, mental health and capacity).

*The immigration service is temporarily suspended due to funding restrictions, but the Law Centre (NI) still provides immigration advice to child victims of trafficking and continues to advise on immigration-related issues in social security, employment and forced labour, community care and mental health.

Law Centre (NI)’s publications:

The Law Centre (NI) publishes legal information briefings; two relevant briefings include:

  • EEA nationals and permanent residence, October 2017 [need to find a link to these]
  • Supporting homeless EEA nationals, 2017

Your Rights in Northern Ireland: a guide for migrants workers – fourth edition

The Law Centre has published a guide on the rights and responsibilities of migrant workers in Northern Ireland. The guide covers the law on social security, health and social care, employment rights, immigration law, human rights and equality. Up-to-date in July 2016, the guide is available at:

Your Rights in Northern Ireland, a guide for migrant workers

Contacting the Law Centre (NI):

Law Centre (NI) has offices in Belfast and Derry:

Belfast Office

3rd Floor, Middleton Building
10-12 High Street
Belfast, BT1 2BA
Telephone: 028 9024 4401
Fax: 028 9023 6340

Western Area Office

9 Clarendon Street
Derry BT48 7EP
Telephone: 028 7126 2433
Fax: 028 7126 2343

For further information visit: https://www.lawcentreni.org


Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association

The Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association has produced a series of information sheets, each providing a short (two-page) and accessible overview of EU rights of residence and the issues affecting citizens from the European Union/Economic Area and Switzerland and their family members living in the UK in the context of Brexit; visit http://www.ilpa.org.uk/pages/brexit-information.html

The Centre for Cross Border Studies

Based in Armagh, the Centre for Cross Border Studies promotes cross-border cooperation. It provides research and analysis and services to cross-border networks and projects.

Its Border People project supports a website which provides practical information for people crossing the border to live, work, study or retire. It provides a signposting service to a wide range of (single jurisdiction) information sources, the most popular of which are in the areas of social security, taxation, welfare benefits, healthcare, pensions, and motoring.

Visit http://crossborder.ie/services/information-and-training-services/border-people/. For more information contact Annmarie O’Kane, Border People Manager borderpeople@qub.ac.uk or telephone 028 3751 5291.


European Commission

The European Commission representation in the UK webpage has information on citizens’ rights and Brexit with answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions. Visit https://ec.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/services/your-rights/Brexit_en.


Citizens Advice (Northern Ireland) and Citizens Information (Ireland)

Both organisations have information on the rights of UK and Irish citizens.

See https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/nireland/law-and-courts/brexit/ and http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/reference/guides/brexit.html.

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If you would like to discuss the project with us, please email Geraldine Scullion at g.scullion@conflictresearch.org.uk. Alternatively you can contact:

The Institute for Conflict Research
Unit 14 North City Business Centre
2 Duncairn Gardens
Belfast, BT15 2GG


+44 (0)28 9074 2682

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