ICR works with statutory service providers and local government to create and deliver training and community development programmes designed specifically to address the individual needs of local organisations and partnerships.

We also work in a training capacity with community groups to not only develop learning on a particular subject, but also to help increase confidence in engaging with local agencies and authorities, such as the police, politicians and statutory service providers. Our training programmes are designed to give impetus to local partnerships to build on research findings.

Training programmes include:

ICRs Accredited Training Programmes comprise workshops, presentations, local and international site visits tailored to participants’ needs and which has been run for elected representatives, local government officials, community leaders, former combatants, victims and survivors, youth groups and minority communities.

They are accredited to OCN levels 1, 2 or 3.

FIRST – (From Intolerance to Respect Sharing and Trust) A 32, 48 or 96 hour conflict transformation programme.

PAST TENSE, FUTURE PERFECT  a 32, 48 or 96 hour programme on Dealing With The Past.

Back to the Future is specifically designed to raise awareness of cultural diversity, sectarianism and racism and to encourage participants to self-reflect and to recognise their roles in local situations and allows participants to address the implications and ramifications of both the past and the legacy of conflict within their own and neighbouring communities.

The CARE programme builds on Back to the Future and assists participants to explore what tools they currently have and their potential for personal change. The programme builds capacity and confidence by helping participants to notice their own spheres of influence, how to build their own resilience, identify positive networks and understand good decision making to aid their coming to terms with the legacy of the past and to build a more positive future.

We have also been involved in the design and delivery of unaccredited training including:

CHALLENGE HATE CRIME – In partnership with NIACRO we developed an extensive series of resources for training purposes.

PSNI – ICR conducted student training for the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

NERVE CENTRE – ICR prepared a number of modules for an online community relations training resource for the Nerve Centre, a multi media project in Derry.

HUMAN RIGHTS AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS  – ICR took part in developing human rights and conflict transformation training work with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. The aim of the training events was to introduce human rights to practitioners involved in conflict transformation work. By the end of the events it was envisaged that participants would have a basic understanding of human rights law and its relevance to a number of scenarios and case studies relating to conflict. The training was part of a wider programme of events which also included the organisation of a major conference, a number of conference workshops, the preparation of academic papers, and networking, both locally and at an international level.