The Sendler window

The Sendler Window was created for the UK commemorative ceremony for Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 and exhibited at the Guildhall in London. It is currently with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at the British Embassy in Dublin. Former members of the British Armed Services, along with former police officers and nurses, explored the fragility of memories and the resilience of communities by creating a tribute Irena Sendlerowa, who rescued 2000 children from the Warsaw Ghetto.

To see the PDF file of the Sendler Window project click here!

The Dalaradia Window
The Dalaradia window was created by men who were formerly connected to a loyalist paramilitary group. The men explored aspects of their identity within the context of the islands of Britain and Ireland, as they undertook a transition to a more peaceful and shared future.

Over several weeks they looked at the poetry and local history they were connected to and invited President Michael D. Higgins to view the window on its completion, welcoming him in Irish. The window is currently exhibited at the Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade in Belfast.

To see the PDF file of the Dalaradia Window project click here!

Torn from Home
As part of the Peace IV Programme “Building Positive Relations”, two stained glass windows were created by participants from the Lisburn & Castlereagh Council’s “BME & Cultural Awareness” and the Antrim & Newtownabbey Council’s “Growing Understanding” programmes. These are intercultural projects dedicated to working together creatively to address issues of racism, hate crime and anti-Semitism, with a lens towards creating a more inclusive and a peaceful society.

The windows incorporate a number of images that reflect the theme, “Torn From Home”, the subject of the 2019 Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s commemoration, including its flame symbol. The rainbow, a dove of peace and Noah’s arc sit alongside the coloured triangles, used by the Nazis to distinguish the different groups of people held in concentration camps. The star of David shines above the tents, caravans and houses that have provided shelter, safe havens. These symbols hold significance to many of the cultures involved in the project. The windows will be installed at the Belfast Synagogue.

To see the PDF file of the Torn From Home Window click here!